Geranium Delight #2

Geranium Delight - Block # 2 

Geranium Delight is the new English paper pieced project which I've decided to work on. The paper pieces are nice and big and the blocks will eventually be appliqued to a background (rather than attached to each other).

This is Geranium Delight block number 2. It's quite soft and pastely - not my usual colours, but I'm determined to use my 30's and 40's inspired prints.

The EPP papers and fabric pieces are cut with the Crafters Edge Crossover II machine. I love that I can cut them as I need them. 

If you'd like to join me in creating a Geranium Delight quilt,  I'm using 1.5" jewel and 1.5" hexagon shapes. The picture (above) of the back of the block shows the layout. 

Okay, time to go and prepare my next batch of pieces so that I'm ready to stitch them up later this evening. My kids tell me that all the Harry Potter films are now on Netflix, so we may need to start at number 1 and work our way through them.


  1. I usually have an EPP project going but after I finished the last one last year I took a break and haven't started a new one. I have lots of papers of various shapes and sizes so I should think of starting a new one.

    1. Will love to see what you create with your EPP shapes.
      EPP projects are a long term commitment and I think it's nice to have one on the go. I don't think I could do EPP too regularly.

  2. This is very pretty!!💠🔷💛🔸

  3. I love it... so SPRinG like...xox

  4. Lovely block, happy stitching!

  5. The perfect prints for the design.


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