Dark Blue & Brown RSC - FNSI July

The 2021 rainbow scrap challenge called for dark blue/brown blocks for the month of July. Neither of these are favourite colours so I didn't have a wide variety of scraps for this months blocks. 

All the Trimmings Mystery Quilt & Stitch Along

I usually have these blocks finished early in the month, but as I don't love these colours, I have procrastinated. Yesterday, I joined the FNSI group of ladies and made 9 scrappy dark blue quarter log cabin blocks through the afternoon and then another 4 brown ones in the evening. 

These have been added to my rainbow bag of scrappy quarter log cabin blocks. I now have 80 x 6" blocks prepared. I look forward to the last 5 months and watching my rainbow pile grow.

I'm also making hexagon flowers for the RSChallenge. Again, as these colours don't inspire me, I've been dragging my feet in making those but I hope to make a start and have a few prepared this weekend. 

The weather is supposed to be wild and wooly today, plus we're now into our 4th week of lockdown so there's really nowhere else I need to be. Hexies it is!


  1. How awful that you're in lockdown again... and for SO long! These cycles of "out" and "in" will surely end when people agree to be vaccinated. Or is it that vaccines aren't available? I feel your "pain" about making those blocks! Like you, I don't have much blue in my stash. As for brown... well, that's my number one "ick" color. I learned that after taking a color workshop with Tara Faughnan, who said it's okay to have an "ick" color. Brown is definitely it for me, with black following closely behind. I think you've done a great job with your blue and brown blocks, and I can already predict you'll have a beautiful quilt to show for it.

  2. I must admit I'm not a big "brown" person - having had it as my high school uniform - but I still have a drawer full - if you want some blues & browns just say so and I can pop some in the post.
    I'm sometimes grateful I dont still live in Sydney.

  3. Ugh! Nice to know I'm not the only one with "Ugh!" colors on hand that I don't want to sew. However, these blocks do make a practical quilt for the homeless.

  4. It is always difficult to be inspired when we have to use colours or fabrics we don't like. Your log cabin blocks look great. We crafters can embrace lockdown to do all those projects we complain about not having time to do. Enjoy.

  5. Love the rainbow "pile"... it will be pretty once made up...xox


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