Smitten Quilt : Will this be the last progress post?

I'm determined to get my Smitten Quilt finished. Determined I tell ya! 

So determined in fact, that there are still a couple of little blocks within the quilt that need hand quilting, but, I've decided to trim the quilt and add the binding for hand sew to the back. This zig-zaggy edge wasn't my best thought out plan, and sewing the binding into those inner corners is tricky and honestly, a bit messy, but hey, finished will be soooooo much better than perfect.

In my forward thinking, I've also printed up a label that I'm going to transfer to fabric and embroider so that it's all ready to sew on to my quilt. A quilt that's taken this long to make certainly needs a label. I've given myself until the end of July to get it all done.

And even though I'm sick of looking at this quilt, can I just highlight how cool the back looks. I love this mixed textured feel of machine stitches and hand stitches.

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I'm also joining Cheryll and the WOOFA girls, by listing my projects finished in June - For such a topsy turvy month, I'm happy that there were a few finishes here.

My Bubbles and Ripples table runner got some attention and I enjoyed finishing it off as I'd always wanted to, with extra hand stitching.

For my Crafters Edge project/s for June, I made some bright and happy Summery Bunting using the equilateral triangle die set as well as the Starry Charms Quilt using the HST die set.

I joined Joan in the Fairy Tale Blog hop and shared my quilted and stitched notebook cover.


  1. your quilt looks great but it is always pretty neat when we finish one that has taken us forever to finish

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping that giving myself that limit on the label will make it happen :)

  2. Cheering you on from the sideline. Go can do it.

  3. Everything here has always been so pretty and so neat. Love to just look at the images.

  4. I get impatient when I am close to the finish line. Your Smitten quilt is gorgeous!

  5. I love how you finished the BubbLes table runner off. It looks sensational...xox

  6. Smitten looks fantastic! That binding looks very tricky to do though.


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