Crafter Edge + Tumblers

I have mixed feelings for my postman. Mostly, he just delivers bills, but sometimes, he brings me some happy mail. This week, I received some VERY happy mail indeed.

I'm so pleased to share that I'm a Crafters Edge design team member for 2021  - YAY! This week, I received my beautiful new 'Crossover II Paper and Fabric Cutting System' along with a number of fun cutting dies. 

When choosing the dies for the years projects, I tried to pick a variety to work with. As you probably have guessed, I like working with all sorts of techniques when it comes to sewing, so figured it would be fun to try a bit of everything. 

I chose some standard patchwork shapes and then some pretty applique flowery ones and I rounded it out with some English Paper Piecing dies in various shapes.

Once I opened the box, I just had to try the machine and cut something. I grabbed a mini charm pack and opened the tumbler die set package. I used the smallest 2" tumbler die and cut out 42 little tumblers in mere minutes. 

Cutting fabric has always been one of my least favourite parts of the patchwork and quilting process, but, this was actually fun!

Join me and these other great designers as we create and share fun monthly projects.

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  1. I love it Anorina! Cutting is my least favorite too. ;)

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with this FuN toy...xox

    1. Thanks Cheryll - I'm sure I'll have fun thinking up new projects :)

  3. It is fun to cut out so many shapes in a few minutes. Looking forward to your projects and the others on the team. I just finished another project, but better wait to share it in June or later. My May project will be shown during Carol S. blog hop.

    1. Ooooh good idea. I haven't started my May project yet, but am doing that blog hop too, so I should time it properly like you have.

  4. oh wowie, this is a cool fun toy. Is there any way to place the fabric on the cutter so you can save a larger portion of scrap?
    This will be a great time saver for you.... I would probably make some terrible mistake and use it wrong haha
    Happy Week-end

    1. Hi Rosemary, yes you place the die right where you want it to cut (so right up against the edge is fine) which will save fabric. I hate wasting fabric and some of these cutting systems can be very wasteful.
      Yes it's a great time saver, especially for the fiddly shapes. You would love it!

  5. What other sizes did the tumbler die come in?

    1. The set I have comes in 2" through to 6" tumblers


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