Pink for January - RSC21

January was pink month in the RSC2021 challenge.

I decided to work with my scrappy hexie flowers for this challenge. I really quite enjoy making the flowers, but didn't have a project in mind for which I was going to use them, so this came along at the perfect time.

I went ahead and appliqued 9 scrappy pink hexagon flowers to their various monochromatic backgrounds. Not a huge effort this month, but I'm pleased to have made a start on this project. 

February is yellow so I'm looking forward to seeing how many blocks I can make with my hexies and with any further hexie flowers I can add before the month is up.

I also finished book 3/26 for 2021. It's called The A-Z of Everything by Debbie Johnson and honestly, this book really hit home for me and I found it hard to read at times. It's a real tear jerker especially as my own mother has been very unwell and is still in hospital. I quite enjoyed it overall and can certainly recommend it as a good read.


  1. love your pink hexagons... great idea for the scrappy challenge...

  2. Your pink hexagons are beautiful and the backgrounds you chose set them off perfectly!

  3. Well done on adding your PiNk last month... and I'm looking forward to using yellow as well during February. Love the background fabrics too... xox

  4. now I want to make another hexie quilt.
    Thank you for the book recommend. I will procure it. I still have my dear daddy (97) around, he is the sweetest, and the silliest. I treasure each minute with him. I miss my mom. She went to heaven in 2016. Gosh I miss her

  5. The hexes are a great idea for the RSC .....

  6. A lovely pop of colour on the background fabrics.


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