Name Pillows

It's been a quiet week in the sewing room - though I have a couple of commissioned name pillows to share with you today.

It had been a while since I'd made any name pillows and I really enjoyed getting back into choosing fonts to suit the names and fabrics to suit the receivers.

These pillows are for two little boys - and I just know, that little boys usually have a weak spot for dinosaurs.  Both pillows are finished at 16" square.

I also started another couple of books this week. One book, which I reserved from the library after reading a review on a blog, has a really small font, so I might need to save that to read during daylight hours. I'll tell you more about that one when I'm done. 

The second book I started reading this week and finished (which I quite quick for my usual rate) is called "My Best Friend's Murder".

Book 5/26 for 2021 is "My Best Friend's Murder" by Polly Phillips. 

Bec and Izzy have been best friends their whole lives. They’ve been through a lot together – the death of Bec’s mother, the birth of Izzy’s daughter, Bec’s engagement. But there’s a darker side to their friendship, too – and Bec is about to reach breaking point.

Then Izzy is found broken and bloodied at the bottom of the stairs. It could have been an accident – perhaps she fell – but if the police decide to look for a killer, then Bec is sure to be their prime suspect.

I quite enjoyed this book as it was fast-paced and had me turning those pages quickly. It's a story about a toxic friendship with none of the main character being very likeable - and yet it was a good read with lots of
plot twists and an unexpected ending.


  1. I can see very happy little boys coming up. That looks a good read.

  2. Good morning! I think I remember you mentioning a tutorial for these pillows? If there is one, I would absolutely love to read it if it is available!
    Thank you so much - your work is beautiful!

  3. I love your name pillows and I'd like to make them for my grandchildren! I'm not very computer savvy and I'd love to know exactly how you go about choosing a font. Where do I find them? Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. sweet Anorina. These are very lovely treasures

  5. Gorgeous name pillows and love the fabric.


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