Some cooler blues...

As the weather gets cooler, the colours are becoming more blue... oh, hang on!

Did you think I meant that it was getting cooler around here? Nope, it's a warm muggy day here with lots more of the same to follow. Blurgh!

The cool blues I was referring to, are on my Temperature Quilt. I finally worked to Aussie autumn... which was over 6 months ago.

Slowly, slowly it's coming together. Can't rush these things, right?

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  1. Your Temperature flimsy I’d growing beautifully.

  2. What a gift you have for choosing color combos! I love this project.

  3. Superbbbb. This one is going to be a gem!!

  4. Such a pretty quilt! Yep it definitely looks like you've gotten to some cooler temps. Love the mix of colors. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  5. So vibrant and cheery. Looks gorgeous.

  6. Golly but this is looking SO good! You started with a fantastic color palette, so the pieces - together - just keep getting better and better. Keep going!


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