Mid Century Breeze Quilt

As a child, I remember spending lots of summertime mornings, helping my grandmother paint the front fence white. It was built mid century (as was the house) and made up of breeze blocks. 

We'd be out there with paint brushes in hand, first thing in the morning while it was still cool-ish outside. We would set out with an old plastic ice-cream container 1/2 filled with white paint and use small brushes to paint around all of those nooks and krannies. 

When it would get too hot, we would stop for the day and continue the next morning. I honestly don't know if this was every summer or only every so often, but it's firmly ingrained in my brain.

The old fence is in need of a fresh coat of pain, though it is beginning to crumble and fall in places. I guess it's what happens to concrete exposed to a salty coastal climate. 

I've always loved the design in the centre of the blocks and have created a quilt block to recreate the mid century breeze wall. 

Right now, I'm at the experimental sample stage. I'm working out the measurements, best methods and planning the overall vision. I started working with an older Cotton & Steel range layer cake that I found on my shelf... though, at this stage, I'm not 100% sure I'll stick with it. I'm a sucker for teeny florals and bright colours and in this bundle, there isn't a teeny flower in sight.

I've decided on needle turn applique as it'll be a lovely (and portable) activity that I can do over the coming months. 

It's exciting to start and work on a brand new project.


  1. Such a fun idea for a quilt! It would be fun with some Tula pink fabrics as well...the animals peeking out the middle “holes”.

  2. Yay! I'm happy for you to have found a new project to dig into! Though I'm sorry for the painting "misery" that led to this design - I can imagine the feeling of that daily obligation to paint - but it's wonderful! And this is a design that doesn't need paint, or even cleaning to remove the dirt! Whoo-ee! I love a good appliqué project, and admire this one that you've settled-in to do. It's really great!

  3. This is good. I love this kind of experimentation. This will be sweet. I love the fabrics here too

  4. Love your story. A great design, too. I like it.

  5. It’s looking beautiful. I love the fabrics but I’d be excited to see it in small florals too.

  6. OH that's lovely! Hope you share your progress with us.

  7. That's a wonderful design...LoVe it.
    Looking forward to seeing its progress...xox

  8. Fresh fences make fine neighbors. Wishing you many pleasant hours of hand applique!


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