Custom Cushion for Theodore

It's the first week of the winter school holidays here and sewing time has been a bit limited. 

We've had a couple of little day trips around the local area. We're hoping to spot some southern-right whales which migrate north this time of year. No luck so far - they seem to appear when we're not there and then I see friends post photos online. We won't be dissuaded.

On sewing front, I finished another name pillow - this one is for a baby boy called Theodore. Isn't that just the sweetest name? There is something special about old fashioned (traditional) names.

This one is surrounded by a very cute hot air balloon print, an envelope style back in a navy/white print fabric.

I hope little Theodore loves his new cushion.

I'm hoping to sit down and share my method of making the 'name' letters soon. It's quite a simple process and I look forward to seeing everyone's wordy creations.

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  1. Hi Anorina great post I enjoyed reading it,and my what a beautiful cushion ,these are so adorable you make the best job of these ,you are the cushion queen by far,well done my friend on your beautiful work I would love to know how you make the letters,stay safe my friend xx

    1. Thanks Shez - I really enjoy making them (which is lucky as I have a few more orders for them). So sad to hear of the latest lockdowns in Melbourne, but you're still okay to move around where you live? Take Care xx

  2. Gorgeous cushion....
    Yes I think Theodore is a fabulous name, it's my brother's name and my middle name is Theodora..

  3. How could he not love it??

  4. Love it, another job well done.....thanks for sharing and look forward to "the name lessons"

  5. Pillow is very nice. Well done for sure!
    I have been playing with Google Word Art. I have success on page one. But if it splits into 2 pages, the 2nd page comes out blank. So I will be really glad to learn what to do. Thanks.

  6. What a cute pillow! Theodore is sure to love it! I immediately thought of the movie, "Up" when I saw it! Thank you for sharing!

  7. You make the sweetest name pillows! I've seen you do this for so long and have come to expect this adorable-ness from you. :-) Now wonderful that you can watch for southern right whales! When we visited North Head, out toward Manly Beach, we saw the signage for whales to watch for... but we were there during the wrong season. Do share pictures when you spot them!

  8. Hope you get to see the whales! You deserve a reward after making such an adorable pillow!


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