Temperature Quilt & Cake

On Friday, I joined the FNwF girls and sat down to trace out a bunch of petals leaves to some very fine interfacing. I cut these out roughly and then sewed them to my strips of petal fabrics.

I had a look at my temperature chart and there were going to be days and days of red petals and orange petals, all in a row. A bit boring to make the same block over and over, but it is what it is. 

I spent the evening trimming and turning out all of these latest petals that I'd made, which took a few hours. It's a good thing I had a show on Netflix to keep me company... or could it have been the show that was making my petal turning slow down?

Saturday, I pinned a few petals to their correct backgrounds and stopped in to visit with my parents. We did a bit of baking and while sitting down for some coffee, I pulled out my little ziplock bag of blocks to work on. 

Not much other sewing so far this weekend, but I did bake a cake. Oranges and lemons are in season here and my trees have an okay crop this year.

I baked a whole orange cake with lemon drizzle and gosh it was delicious. I still have a piece left over for later this evening. This is a very easy cake to make and there are lots of recipes available online. 

Here's a recipe which I shared a few years ago.

And here is a lower carb version of the Whole Orange Cake.

Once the cake was cooked through but still warm, I transferred it to a plate, and used a chop stick to poke some holes all over the top of it. I then make up a mixture of 1 cup icing sugar and the juice of a whole lemon. I poured this icing over the still warm cake and paid extra special attention to make sure some of that icing pooled inside of the holes. YUM!


  1. well done with getting those petals done... hopefully you will at least have different colour backgrounds to work on.... haha...
    I haven't done whole orange cake for ages.. it is always so lovely. I do like the idea of the lemon drizzle on it... gotta love citrus flavours

  2. I have done a cake using a whole orange previously, and it was delicious. Now we are trying the Keto way of cooking, I'm so pleased you posted about the lower carb version of this cake. Thanks so much, I'll be trying it very soon.

  3. Hi Anorina love your petal blocks they look fantastic and your cake looks very yummy how wonderful to have home grown fruit xx

  4. Beautiful blocks for a temperature quilt, I love the petals! Bright colors are so beautiful together.

  5. Your petals looks wonderful, a Netflix show always helps things along. 😁 the cake sounds great, off to check out your recipe.

  6. Your temperature quilt is going to be so delightful! Using the orange peels was a great ides! Making an orange cake was an even better one. It looks yummy!

  7. Anorina, this cake looks wonderful. I want to make it.
    Your temperature quilt is going to be so pretty
    Enjoy this week ahead!!

  8. Good progress with the temperature quilt. Yummy looking cake. Enjoy.

  9. Beautiful stitching and yummy baking.

  10. Love all the bright colours of your leaves... & your cooking looks delicious...xox

  11. so cute look!
    great post!thank you for your share!Love it!
    16 inch curly wig
    i want to eat

  12. Great idea to use orange peel blocks for your temperature quilt. That cake sounds delicious!


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