A Hexie Project + OMG June + FNwF

It's been fairly quiet in the sewing room this week. I finished appliqueing all of the petals which I had prepared for my orange peel temperature quilt and need to make some more.

I also glue basted a few new scrappy purple hexagons to use in my hexie flower project. I have a decent pile of scrappy hexie flowers made now and I started thinking about what I was going to do with them all. 

I really enjoyed working on the Kingfisher quilt along and kept making flowers even after I'd finished the quilt. They're such a lovely little craft to work on when I'm passenger in the car on road trips or sitting in the evening watching some telly.

I don't know if I have the 'drive' to make a grandmothers flower garden quilt but started thinking that maybe I could made some black/white ones and the somehow incorporate them into a large panel which I could then applique to a border. There are so many ideas for hexie quilts on Pinterest. The hardest part is deciding on just one.

In other news, my local library has finally opened for returns. We can also visit the library, but need to call ahead to make an appointment time. They're allowing 50 minute slots to go in a choose books. Just before the lockdowns started, I went to my local library and borrowed a few books to keep me going. During that time, I had a few on reserve which they posted out to us borrowers.

I've really missed going to the library and am looking forward to being able to pop in there and have a leisurely browse. I'm working on getting my qualifications to be a librarian and am part way through my course. It's only part time and I should be finished by the end of next year. It's something that I've always wanted to do and with the everyone back at school, I took the opportunity to do this, for me.

Now, out of that pile of books whichI read during lockdown, I  enjoyed The River Home by Hannah Richell the most. It's a lovely story about family, though by the end I did need some tissues.

Harlan Coben books are always good and I quite enjoyed Bruny by Heather Rose too. It's set in Tasmania, in a world not too far removed for reality - it honestly makes us think of what could be, especially with whats been happening in the world this past few months. Yes I know that was vague, but you'll just have to read it.

I'll be joining FNwF with Cheryll tonight so I'll be back on the weeknd to share what I've been working on. 

Also, I haven't committed to my OMG for June, so I think that my goal will be to finish my February and March blocks for my Temperature Quilt.


  1. Hexies always look so lovely lined up in a box. Well done making so many , they are quite addictive once you start lol. Love the colours and the black and white looks stunning.

  2. I love a good hexie project, I did a Liberty quilt and it took years to finish partly due to the cost. How exciting that your library will be open soon. Where I live our county council closed all of the local ones years ago as a cost cutting exercise, which is completely ridiculous. I used to talk my children every week when they were small, it meant that we could read lots of books for free. Now I would have to drive out of our village and to the centre of the nearby town, it is the only one available for miles around which is no good for a family with small children or old people who want to do things locally. x

  3. I love hexies and yours are particularly beautiful. I will have to google the grandmothers quilt. I also enjoyed making the king fisher and thought about making another in a different colorway
    Good books. I love reading but do not have time. I need books on tape but even that is difficult for me. we have been watching Stars channel in the evening and they have some interesting offerings. We are finishing up the White Princess, sort of historical. Anyway, while I am watching tv, I am usually sitting at my sewing table unsewing, ironing cutting or something with a project
    Our libraries are open for pick up now.
    Stay well Anorina

  4. You have some pretty hexies there to play with. I will be interested to see how they end up. I too am looking forward to visiting my local library.

  5. Your hexies look wonderful, great idea to add some black in there.

  6. Love your temperature quilt. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  7. Your temperature blocks are looking great, love the hexies, they are a great portable project but a very satisfying one too, like the black you are adding in.


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