Twirling at the Disco Quilt (a finished top)

Guess what?!?!?

I've finished my Twirling at the Disco quilt top! Yaaaay! 

This has been my 'on again, off again' project over the past few weeks/months and I'm so happy that the quilt top is finished. 

It measures 96" square and it's going to be great for our bed. I'm still wondering if I should add a white border, but definitely not today.

Because of it's size, Twirling at the Disco was really tricky to photograph. I took it out to the backyard and laid it out on the lawn, but couldn't get all of the quilt in the photo at once. There was a lot of holding my phone up over my head and hoping for the best.

I then enlisted the help of my tall hubby to come outside to help hold it up for a bit. I might need to wait until my tall son gets home from school to come outside and help hold it up for a photo too.

It's folded up and put away until I work out what I'm going to do about the backing. I was thinking of buying a king size flat sheet for the backing, so I might have a little look next time I'm shopping.

If you'd like to make your own Twirling at the Disco quilt, you can find my free pattern right here. You don't have to make a huge one like mine - I've included the number of blocks you'd need to make for different sized quilt.



  1. It's looking gorgeous. But do be cautious about using a sheet for the backing. I've used both high and low thread count sheets, both hand and machine quilted. For both, my personal preference is using a lower thread count. For a very large quilt like this, it can be the difference between still loving it when you've finished the hand quilting or hating it because it was harder than it needed to be; for machine quilting it can mean unpicking here and there because there's a stronger tendency to skip threads. Having said that, a flat sheet's an obvious choice!

  2. Well done. It always feels good to get a finish and when they are as amazing as this it is bonus. x

  3. I love love this quilt! Fabulous job! And thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous quilt!

  4. wonderful finished top... it looks great and I know you will do some lovely quilting on it to finsih it off...


  5. Well done on the finish, it is a beautiful quilt.

  6. Great finish on your flimsy. Lovely to see it out in the sunshine.

  7. Anorina, you made incredibly nice photos. This quilt looks wonderful
    I love it!!!!

  8. Ahhh I LOVE it!!! and the photos are so great - they are fun and show off all those great fabrics!!

  9. Gosh, that came out pretty! I admire your stick-to-it-iveness ! It’s pretty big and that’s a lot of sewing!

  10. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see your finished quilt.


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