Easy Peasy Blanket

My Easy Peasy Blanket - #EPBlanket - is coming along nicely and it's turning into a lovely, bright and rainbowy type of blanket. 

The last crochet blanket I made was also colourful and I bordered it all with a lovely cream yarn. This time, I thought I'd go opposite and use a darker yarn for borders (edges? Sorry I don't know crochet speak). 

Big W has the Carnival brand yarn on sale at 2 for $6 and I ended up choosing a dark blue - even though in the picture it looks quite black. 

This yarn is certainly not as squishy as the Stylecraft yarn which I absolutely love to use, but it's handy and I know if I run out, I can pop down to the local Big W store to get some more (rather than wait for postage from the UK).

I think the darker sashing (again with the quilt talk) makes the blocks pop. I've made 12 blocks and will make another 8 or possibly 12. I'll see how it works with the taller people in the family.

At this stage, the blocks look a little bit wonky, but once it's blocked, they'll all sit together nicely.

Linking Up with Elm Street Quilts as a win for my OMG April goal.


  1. Your lovely blankets reminds me of licorice allsorts. Delicious.

    1. Haha yes it really does look like a licorice all sort! I haven't had one of those for yearssssssss

  2. blanket is looking great


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