Taking Stock - March 2020

This first week of staying at home and distancing as much as possible, has honestly been quite good. I do like to travel and visit new places, but really I'm a homebody and love being here more than anywhere else.

The kids have gotten on with their school work without needing any reminders from me. Teachers have assigned plenty of work to keep everyone busy through the day. I've given my kids a couple of extra assignments to think about and work on for when they run out of school work.

My son loves history, so I told him to choose something historical that happened in the 1500's, research it, learn all he can about it and then teach me about it. I think he likes the idea of knowing more than his mum and having to teach her stuff.

My daughter isn't very good at geography and so she's tasked with choosing a country in Africa, learning all about it and telling us what she's learned. She's not loving her challenge very much and hasn't started yet. I used to love geography at school and still, really enjoy it, so I don't understand her distaste. 

Here's my taking stock post for March 2020. I'f you'd like to take stock too, I've added these 15 prompts at the end of this post which you can copy at paste.

Making: Sourdough starter. I'm at day 5 and it's all bubbly and smelly - just as it should be (I think). It's my first attempt and I'm soooo looking forward to making my first loaf of sourdough bread. 

Cooking: Too many delicious things, but I'm counting it as educational. I made some delicious rice pudding during the week and decided to plate it like my grandmother used to - even using the same plate. 

Reading: Last week, I decided to head to my local library to borrow a bunch of books incase the libraries were closed. As of Tuesday this week, all of the libraries were shut and I'm so pleased that I've got a bag full of books to read.

I'm currently reading The Ghost Fields (a Ruth Galloway mystery) which is a book by Elly Griffiths. I do love this series of books and the quirky characters.

Hearing: Squabbling coming from upstairs. Kids are challenged to clean their rooms and the one with the tidiest room, by lunch time, gets to eat the biggest spinach/feta parcel that I baked last night. 

Spinach & Feta Parcel

Wishing: I guess what everyone is wishing for - an end to the pandemic.

Enjoying: These sunny days and cool nights. I love, love, love autumn!

Eating: Coffee at the moment, but I will be eating pizza tonight. I'm going to use some of that sourdough starter to make pizza bases and then just add some tomato passata, basil and cheese. YUM!

Spinach & Feta Parcels

Buying: Not much right now. Our supermarkets aren't coping very well so I am steering clear as much as possible. 

Watching: Silent Witness on BBC First. There are 4 seasons available which should keep me going for a while. The Brits really are the best at producing crime dramas.

Needing: To work on my Twirling at the Disco quilt. It was going to be a leader/ender project, but I think I need to speed it up now.

Wearing: Fluffy slippers. All day.

Following: The news. I try not to check too often through the day.

Sorting: The chest freezer. We did a stock take of what was in there and know that we can survive for ages on what's in there.

Saving: Recipes. With everyone at home, we're all cooking and baking a lot more. A lot of people are posting their food and recipes on Instagram stories.

Feeling: Hopeful for declining numbers by the time I write my 'Taking Stock' post next month.

You Got This by Mia Charro

If you'd like to Take Stock too, here is the list of the 15 prompts which I've used. 


The original (longer list) Taking Stock can be found at Meet me at Mike's blog.


  1. I love geography and history and can never understand when one doesn't ;) I too love to bake - I think with this social distancing and staying home I will gain a few pounds by time it is done or work it all of with stress!

    1. Oh my goodness, yes I agree with the gaining weight. I feel like when I'm not eating or cooking, I'm already thinking about the next meal and what I'll make.

  2. There are children's versions of The Number One Ladies Detective Agency books that may get your daughter interested in Botswana and they may be available on Kindle.

    1. Thanks for the idea. I'll have a look what we can find. She thought she might like to learn more about Brazil... until she realised that it's not actually in Africa.

  3. It is definitely a strange time. I too enjoy home but I don't have young people to keep occupied. Loved your Taking Stock prompts. Enjoy all your delicious baking x

  4. i really like your extra assignments! I might have to follow suit on the geography thing! and yay for moving your twirling up! I am almost to a quilt top - thanks for a great pattern!

  5. I love your taking stock lists, rice puddding (must go make some!) and Elly Griffiths' Ruth Galloway mysteries. Thanks for a cheerful and heart-warming post. It's just what I needed today!


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