It's a brand new day. After a very stormy night with a crazy thunder, lightning and hail storm, we've woken to a glorious day. 

On the home front, it's been one of 'those' weeks with things unexpectedly cropping up, out of my control, but which had to be dealt with. I haven't had much time to sew, or even the inclination to sew, but today is a brand new day.

After a morning walk to clear the head and get my steps up, I came home to do a bit of sewing. I worked out that I had enough 4-patch and 16-patch blocks all made up, to complete 12 x Twirling at the Disco blocks. Yay! 

I sat down and sewed the white pieces to the blocks, and put them together. The scale of this quilt is fantastic and I found that the best place to take a photo was on my bedroom floor. And wouldn't you know it, all of those little loose threads decided at that precise moment that they preferred to stay on the carpet, so I had to get the vacuum out after the photo shoot. Hah!

I few people have started making some Twirling at the Disco blocks along with me and I've seen a few photos on social media. I'm so pleased that #TwirlingAtTheDiscoQuilt blocks are popping up and people are enjoying my pattern. 

Here are a few 'Twirling at the Disco' pictures:

Twirling at the Disco quilt by Carol G

Twirling at the Disco Quilt by LuvCherryCoke2 on Instagram

Twirling at the Disco Quilt Block by Alycia Quilts on Instagram

If you've made a start on this quilt, I would love to see your pictures. Please tag me on social media - @sameliasmum - or send me an email

It absolutely makes my day to see other people inspired by my patterns.

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  1. Beautiful twirly quilt top there. The white really makes those colours pop. Hope life has settled down for you now.

  2. I pinned your post as I hope to give the Disco a try. I've been making 4 patches with the color of the month in the past and I think this is something else to do with all of them besides doll blanket and hot pads.

  3. Twirling at the Disco looks great!


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