Taking Stock - January 2020

Even though it's the first day of February here, I thought I'd do a Taking Stock post to think back on January 2020 and take a little bit of time to appreciate what I got up to. 

Making: plans for my next sewing project. I watched the video that Wendy posted last night and really want to make something hand pieced. Her hand work is absolutely stunning.

Cooking: a lot of food over my birthday weekend. We had quite a few guests and I love to have plenty to go around (plus leftovers). 
We made these delicious Brazilian Cheese Puffs quite a few times over the past month and even the kids really enjoyed making (and eating) them. I swapped out the cheese to whatever I had available in my fridge as we don't really keep gruyere stocked.

Sipping: water. So much water. It's been super hot this past month.

Reading: It was a slow month for reading (other than blogs or the news sites). I read The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver. I admit this took me a long time to read as I'd only get through a couple of pages at bedtime before I couldn't keep my eyes open. You can read an excerpt of The Never Game right here.
I did enjoy it and am now looking forward to the next book in this (Colter Shaw) series which is due out in May 2020.

Looking: it's nice and clear outside right now, but this last month, I did look at a LOT of smoke haze. The smoke hung around for weeks and I'm so glad that it's passed for us. There are still fires burning around the country so I am hoping for some good rain to help the firies.

Listening: at the current moment, I'm listening to cricket on the television. If you're in Australia, in January, there is a lot of cricket on the television. 
This last week or so, I've been enjoying a wonderful audio book suggested by Linda of Flourishing Palms. The book is called The Dream Daughter and is by Diane Chamberlain. Oh my gosh it's a good story and I'm most of the way through it and I'm sure there are others who have it reserved because I had to wait a little while before it was my turn with it.

Wishing: for cooler weather and lots of rain. It's a repeating wish around here.

Enjoying: a delicious mixed berry muffin from a visit to Costco this morning. Have you tried them? Very yummy.

Loving: having my hubby and my kids home. The kids went back to school this week after a very long summer break while hubby was away in San Fran for a week. Having everyone home makes me crazy happy.

Buying: my eldest is 14 on Monday, so I've been out getting him a few gifts to celebrate his special day. He's at an age where he doesn't show excitement about much (gah!!), so I'm hoping to bring a smile to his face with what I've gotten for him.

Watching: Virgin River on Netflix. It's an easy to watch show while I'm slow-sewing in my armchair. Have you seen it?

Hoping: to go and sew for a little bit later this afternoon. We're having leftovers for dinner, so it should buy me some extra time.

Needing: to get back into my daily morning walks. I've had so many excuses lately - too smokey, too hot, kids at home etc... 

Wearing: a sleeveless knit dress I bought at Walmart last year in Honolulu. It's nice and cool, plus it's got pockets! How great are pockets!

Following: a lot of lovely new blogs after joining some link-ups lately. It's lovely to "e-meet" new people and learn a little about their lives in different parts of the world.

Noticing: my library books are due back soon. I love to borrow crafty/quilty books to flick through while I have my breakfast. Inspiration right from the start of the day :)

Sorting: hmmm... nothing at the moment. I should go through my chest of drawers to get rid what i don't wear/want but it seems like too much effort right now.

Getting: excited about a quilt project I have due in the upcoming issue of Homespun Magazine. Once it's published, I can finally share it on here with all of you.

Saving: up for our next holiday. We just need to decide where that holiday will be. Everyone in the family has a different opinion.

Feeling: sleepy. Is it time for a nanna nap yet?

I always love reading Pip's Taking Stock posts on Meet Me at Mike's blog and thought I'd share her list of prompts (below) which you can copy and paste. If you'd like to read a really nice, feel-good blog, go ahead and visit Pip


Taking Stock


  1. Thanks for this post, I always enjoy this kind of post as it makes me think and often gives me new ideas too. Going over now to Pip's post. x

  2. Oh what a fun post! and yes!! I watched Virgin River too!!

  3. I enjoyed reading your taking stock post. I really enjoy going to the library too and getting lots of craft / quilt books. I just looked to see if they had the audiobook and noticed that I too have a book or two that is due. I guess I'd better read it so I can return it!

  4. Fun post... I couldn't find that book on my library borrow box.... I wonder if it is region specific? I have noted the author and will keep an eye out...


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