You + Me = Love

You + Me is one of the sweet new Valentines Day inspired blocks/projects, designed by Nadra of Ellis & Higgs.

Nadra has released a number of new designs for this "love" season. Being a lover of the scrappy look, I opted for You + Me.

The patterns come in two sizes, 12" and 6" and I'd normally make both sizes to test out the pattern. But as it's been our summer school holidays here, time has been a little bit limited, so I decided to only focus on the 6" block. 

After a little photo shoot with my 'String of Hearts' plant (isn't she pretty??!) I decided that I wanted to do a little more spiral quilting, so turned this block into a lovely little mug rug. 

I'm such a fan of spiral quilting and hadn't really tried it myself until only recently. So far, I've only quilted fairly small things in this style (I have one more 36" square quilt which was spiral quilted, to share with you soon).

If you're wondering how to get started and how to do it, I'd suggest the excellent tutorial by Linda on her blog Flourishing Palms. She takes us through the process, step by step. 


  1. Awesome mini and quilting.Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

    1. Thanks Anne. It's such a sweet pattern by Nadra and I'd love to make this again but into a larger quilt.
      Linda's spiral tutorial is excellent and very easy to follow.

  2. Too cute..........thanks for sharing !!!

  3. Adorable. I should make 4 of these for my grand girls
    Your quilting is superb

  4. Lovely... so cheerful....

  5. It lookx very pretty and the spiral quilting is very effective. Beautiful.


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