Regenerate Quilt Block {FREE Pattern}


Regenerate Quilt Block in Green

As you're probably aware, Australia is suffering with a bushfire crisis. This type of natural disaster isn't uncommon, though the scale and ferocity in which the fires are burning is mind-blowing.

Upon hearing/reading about the devastation and loss of life/homes/bushland etc, all sorts of charitable organisations are accepting donations to help in the rebuilding and regeneration once these fires burn themselves out. 

As a crafty community, people all over the world have been busily making items for injured animals and donating quilts to distribute to people who have lost everything. You can read more about these here on my blog post from last week. Crafty people are the best, don't you think?

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The Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild put a call out for tree blocks. Any type of tree block with a light/low volume background measuring 12.5".

These blocks can be made and posted to the guild and then the members will put quilts together to distribute to families in need. Quilts are our way of wrapping people in love and offering a little bit of comfort at low points in their lives. 

There are a lot of 'tree' blocks available, but I decided to make up a new one. I drew it up yesterday afternoon and sewed it up last night. I like the curvy lines of this 'tree' and after making a traditional green block, I made another one this morning in shades of pink. 

If you'd like to use my FREE pattern to create your own Regenerate Quilt blocks to donate to the #WollongongMQG or to make a whole quilt with them, the link to the pattern is below. Just send me a link or use the hashtag so I can see your creations and please don't forget attribute to me/this blog.

To make my blocks, I used the raw edge applique method by fusing heat & bond (or vliesofix etc) to the back of the fabric, arranging the pieces on the background square, then fusing in place with a hot iron. I chose to raw edge applique with a straight 2.0 stitch on my sewing machine and black cotton thread. I love the definition that the black thread gives the design. 

The original idea, though a little bit messy.

Trace the design to the paper side of the fusible.
Add approx 1/4" at the bottom of each leaf to tuck under the tree trunk and keep it in place.

Cut out the shapes roughly 1/4" outside of the lines and fuse to the back of the fabric

No need to cut the thread in between each leaf - just back-stitch and then lift the needle and presser foot and reposition

Regenerate Quilt Block in pink

But, if needle turn applique is your thing, then feel free to do it that way. I would absolutely love to see your #RegenerateQuilt blocks in all sorts of colours and prints.


  1. I think your tree is outstanding. I will make some. Please let me know where to send them. Thanks, Cora

  2. Cora, click on the QUILT guild, address is there

  3. You’re a genius! I love this block and I thank you for sharing the pattern! Are you sending blocks or making a whole quilt?

  4. I love this block too, thank you for the design! I have a wee pile of the designs that people are generously gifting and hope to make at least one of each to send!

  5. Such a lovely block, thanks for sharing. I made a block to go with others that my local group will be sending off soon to Australia, from Whidbey Island, Washington.


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