Garden - September 2019

With this lovely warmer weather, it definitely feels like spring is in the air. The bees are buzzing and the garden is waking up, ready for the new season. 

My first Freesia of the spring and it smells absolutely heavenly.



I couldn't resist cutting this first one and bringing it inside to my sewing room. It's sitting in a lovely lilac-pink jar and every time I look over at it, it makes me smile.

It was probably mid autumn and I remember buying this bag of mixed bulbs from Aldi. I gave the kids a bag of bulbs to help me plant along a patch beside the fence while I was working my way along, weeding the bed. They were both busily chattering away and next thing I knew, they'd planted all of the bulbs in one small section. Oh well, it'll be a lovely scented flowering section of the garden when they all flower.

There are a couple of magpies setting up a nest in a tree over the farm behind our back fence. They're quite a way away, so I'm not worried about them swooping, but they do like to come and visit my garden to pick around at things to use to build their nest.

The daisies are all blooming. I have these unusual ones in the back garden. They're Purple African Spider Daisies and they feel like the petals haven't fully opened yet, but could do so at any moment... but they don't. 

I honestly don't remember buying this plant, but I think it was possibly one of those clearance ones that look half dead, which I probably picked up for some spare change and hoped for the best. 

These two coloured daisies are just beautiful and another lovely surprise from a 'clearance' plant.

The front flower bed is also looking bright and happy. I have lots of lavender and all sorts of different coloured African Daisies planted here - I love when they're all putting on a lovely show.

With a little bit of rain and then a lot of lovely sunshine, the lettuce patch is thriving. I foresee a lot of salads in the coming weeks.

A couple of full moons ago, we planted seeds and the the zucchini and cucumber seedlings look like they're ready to go into the ground. 

Zucchini Seedlings

Lebanese Cucumber Seedlings

The tomato seedlings haven't shot up as much as they usually would have, so we'll try some more seeds next full moon so that we have fruit at the start/mid summer.

I love this time of year in the garden. It just holds so much promise.

String of Bananas - Cuttings 


  1. Hi Anorina wow i love your gardens so much going on and so full of colour and what a wonderful idea to get the kiddies to help,hope your day is a good one xx

    1. Thanks Shez. It's certainly one of my happy places. I told hubby last night that I want us to plant sweet peas. By us, I mean him, so that I can have vases filled with beautiful scented flowers. Better get some seeds!

  2. so lovely seeing pictures of your garden... it's looking lovely... I love freesias... am no good at growing them …


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