Lattice Quilt {Progress}

I've had a stack of Denyse Schmidt fabrics sitting on my shelf for a while. Do you remember when these special DS prints that were released at Spotlight (in Australia and NZ) and Joann (US) stores? I went a little crazy and bought a little bit of everything I could find.

Fast forward a few years and that stack still sat prettily on my shelf. With my Dreamweaver Quilt all finished, it was time to start something new, so on a whim more than anything else, I got that stack of fabric and started cutting 2.5" x WOF strips.

I honestly had no idea where I was going to go with this project, but I figured the first cuts meant that a new project was underway. Yay for new projects!

Once I'd cut up about a bazillion strips, I had to decide on what sort of project to make... which lead me down the Pinterest path. Oh the hours I can spend on Pinterest. I start searching for a quilt and before I know it, I'm looking at how to make my Peace Lily look healthier, how to make the best apple pie on the plant and ways to re-tile my kitchen splashback.

I was text-chatting with my friend Liane and she set over a link to a quilt that she liked on Pinterest. That was it, decision made! No more "43 ways to repurpose a tea-towel" posts for me! I knew what I was going to make.

So here is the first section of my DS Lattice Quilt. Each block is 12" so these four together are a big 24" square. If I want to make a king size bed quilt, I'll need a few more of these blocks. This is where I'll be over the next little while. Making lattices...


  1. Looking forward to seeing this one grow.

  2. That looks like a fun group of fabric. I too look forward to seeing your progress. Loving the Dreamweaver quilt photo bomb!

  3. Love it, will be beautiful!

  4. I just love these hard to use..but we must good start

  5. Thanks very much for the post I will definitely visit your blog. It's nice that you share your knowledge with us. I appreciate it! And of course as usual, I am waiting for more.


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