Mr & Mrs Custom Cushion

L & D are a gorgeous couple which we've known for years. A couple of weeks ago, they finally tied the knot. They were married down the coast, on a beach - a place where they always said would be their dream location. 
It was such a lovely relaxed ceremony with a lot of love and laughs.

I wanted to make something special for this couple, but you have to know your audience. I know that they're not "into" handmade things like I am and that the bride is not an overly "girlie" female. She doesn't seem to like florals or pink, so I had to put my thinking cap on. A quilt wasn't going to work.

I played around on Pinterest for a little while and saw some great links to table cards or thank you type cards in Etsy. I thought this would make a great applique design for a cushion. A cushion isn't over the top but is a lovely keepsake.

I used Google Draw (my favourite free program for lettering) and chose my favourite fonts. I enlarged the words to the size I wanted and flipped the whole thing to print up backwards which made it easier to trace onto my heat n bond.

The background of the cushion is a neutral linen fabric which I quilted in a loopy design and squared off. I then positioned my applique letters, fused them in place and machine appliqued with matching coloured threads in navy and coral.

The backing fabric is a navy blue with jewel prints. I also fused a little label on the bottom corner so they'll always remember who made this one-of-a-kind wedding keepsake for them.


Karen's Korner said...

A very special gift to mark such a happy occasion.

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Sue said...

Beautiful cushions, and I especially love the Mr & Mrs cushion. What a wonderful idea!