Bittersweed Symphony is 'Best in Show'

I entered my "Bittersweet Symphony Quilt" in my local show and not only did it win the first place in that category, it also won the 'Best in Show' sash. Yay! 

I'm so pleased to have received that lovely red, white and blue ribbon with gold fringe. My husband won a sash at the show a couple of years ago, in the vegetable section. He entered 3 spring onions and they won the best vegetable. A quilt takes so much more work and time, so I think my sash is better than his. ;-)

Bittersweet Symphony Quilt won the first place in the Hand or Machine Pieced Quilt - Hand Quilted

Flourish won the first place in the Hand or Machine Pieced Quilt - Machine Quilted

Sweetie Pie Table Runner won the first place in Patchwork Article (not a quilt)

I was pleased to have won the first place in all of the three categories I entered. There were some other beautiful quilts entered in the show, so I think the start aligned nicely and I was a little bit lucky.

In other show news, my husband won prizes for best eggplant, best large vegetable, and best squash.

Both of my kids also entered drawings in for judging and my daughter came home with a prize for best drawing for a child in primary school. It was a little tougher in my son's category as he was up against much older kids in highschool (he's only in year 7).

We finished off our show experience by eating an over sauced Dagwood Dog, watching the camel races, demolition derby and finally a lovely fireworks display. 


  1. congratulations to all of you.... I think its wonderful when people participate in these community events... and all your quilts are amazing...

  2. Congratulations. That is very exciting. And well done to the rest of your family too!

  3. Congratulations to such a talented family - love your quilts :)

  4. Congratulations! I totally think a quilt win is better than a vegetable win!

  5. Congratulations to all the Morris family. How wonderful for you to get awarded best in show. Your quilt is beautiful. xx


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