Succulent Sunday

I've been a little obsessed with succulents lately. This morning, I spent a lovely few hours re-arranging some of my little plants into various planters I already had at home. 

I'd bought these planters with the intention of using them to make some funky pincushions, but honestly, how many pincushions does a person really need?

I follow lots of IG accounts, based wholly on succulents and have been inspired to start my own succulent collection. I've also tried my hand at propagation which is super slow, yet exciting (if that's even possible?).

Whenever we go to a garden centre, Bunnings, my local Big W, or even my mums house, I have a little look to see if there are any succulent plants going cheap (or free from mums house).

At this stage I don't have a lot of different varieties, but I think if I want anything more exotic, I may have to spend a few more dollars than I'm willing to part with (just yet).

I watch videos on how to make my succy's grow better and how to make more with the ones that I do have.

Did I mention that I'm a little bit obsessed?

Monday seems to be a good day to visit my local Bunnings store for a bargain. After the weekend gardeners have been in to buy up big, the staff seem to go around marking down things to clear the way for more deliveries through the week. 

Guess where I'll be tomorrow morning.


  1. I love your planters! Succulents have just started to catch my eye, and that's a cute way to display them.

  2. How fun is this!!! I love an obsession so artful...good job

  3. I have three succulents from my grandmother's great grandmother!! They came all the way from Spain in the early 1800s and I have passed them on to my family. Keep one for each of your children, grandchildren or family member as they will always remember them. I love each of mine.

  4. I love succulents too! And I LOVE all your planters! What a great collection you have.


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