More Custom Cushions

Following on from my previous post, I have a few more custom cushions to share here today. These were ordered by a friend who I met through my kids school. She has a son who is in my son's grade and a daughter who is in my daughter's grade (plus she has one more little boy). These are going to be Christmas gifts for the two grandmothers.

Custom Cushion - Name Pillow "Grandma" by Anorina Morris

The first cushion was for Grandma and it wanted a palette to include bright colours; yellow, red, pink, green and blue. The colour palette was based on a cushion I'd made as a teacher gift, using Lecien Flower Sugar fabrics (one of my all-time favourite fabric lines). 

I made up the patchwork background and put it all together, then sandwiched and quilted the whole cushion front with straight lines. After all of the quilting, I adhered the 'Grandma' with some fusible bonding web and machine appliqued it using Aurifil 12 weight cotton thread. My machine wasn't too sure to begin with, but slow and steady stitches got through it quite nicely.

The second "Nan" cushion was a red/aqua/blue palette. This one is layed out a little differently but was quilted the same as the first cushion. I lowered my stitch length and width on my machine and sewed around the "Nan" with matching red cotton thread. It was a slow process, but I do like the finished result. A little bit of red ric-rac finished off this cushion nicely.

I filled these cushions with poly-fleece and then bound them to finish. I love how both of these cushions turned out and I do hope both of the grandmothers like them.

With some left over fabric squares, I made a third cushion for the little grand daughter who chose these cushions and palettes for her grandmothers. I appliqued a little "M" on the front and finished it with an envelope style back. 

It's only a small cushion (around 13" square) so I think it'll sit nicely on her bed or on a shelf in her room.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful pillows! They are sure to delight young and old - wonderful gifts.


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