Custom Nautical Cushion

It's been a slow sewing week. With hubby home after a long 12 day  trip, it was nice to have him here and go through the list of jobs we'd made for him. 

It's amazing the things that can go wrong while your taller, spider removing, more technical minded other half is away. 

But in saying this, it's also shown me that I can cope and know what to do in the fuse-box if all of the lights suddenly stop working. I'm a "Pilot Wife" group on Facebook where we can go and vent and get advice from other people in our same situation.

Anyways... enough about the home-life and more about the sewing.

Custom Name Pillow "Spencer" by Anorina Morris

This week, I created a new cushion for baby Spencer. His aunty sent me a message to say they had a new family member and would love a custom cushion with his name. The family work in diving, so would love a nautical themed pillow with anchor fabrics or something similar.

I didn't have any fabric prints with anchors in my stash and finding anything locally would be tricky so suggested I draw up and applique an anchor on the front panel.

I think it worked a treat! I just love this font for the 'name'. It's a little bit fun and quirky. 

Aunty loved the new cushion and I hope little Spencer loves having it in his room too.

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  1. Hi Anorina love the cushion,the anchor is perfect.this will make an awesome gift,well done.Yes its hard when hubby's work away ,glad you were ok.cheers Shez xx


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