Custom Cushions

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make up a photo album on my Facebook page of some of the custom cushions I've made of the past few years. I then share it and put a message out to my friends that if anyone was interested in purchasing a custom cushion (name pillow is the other term I use for these creations) to get in touch.

I had quite a few people get in touch and have received a few orders as people get organised for their Christmas gift giving.

These first two cushions were for a friend of a friend. She wanted two cushions to send to her niece and nephew interstate. Her brief was for her two year old niece and her ten year old nephew. She was open to colours and fabric prints. 

Now for the Willow (the two year old), it was easy. I have a lot of cute girlie prints in my fabric stash. I decided on some cute fairground themed fabric in pink, with a coordinating lilac dot print. 

For Archie, I decided on a 'Mario Bros' themed fabric as I figure a 10 year old boy would probably be into gaming. And I was right... apparently her nephew and brother are both into gaming, so this was just the 'right' fabric choice.

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