A birth quilt, 6 years in the making

This is the story of a quilt which took many (MANY) years to come together.

My friend Samantha has a sister. Her sister was pregnant and for her baby shower, Samantha asked all of the family and guests who were coming along to the party, to bring some fabric which would eventually be used to make a quilt for the unborn child.

I remember Samantha telling me about it and thinking at the time, what a wonderful idea this was. The party was great and they had lots of different fabric pieces to make this baby quilt.

... time goes by and life is busy. The little girl was born and did all of the things babies do... learned how to blow bubbles and clap. Crawl, talk... walk. She started preschool... and then school.

You see, not long after Samantha came over to sit and sew at my house, her husband got a job in the UK and so the whole family moved over there. We messaged through FB messenger and she often mentioned that she still had to finish making the quilt we'd started so long ago.

Time went by and probably around 18 months after leaving Australia, the whole family moved to Italy. Life got busy with a new house, new schools and jobs, making new friends and settling in...

At the start of this year, Samantha sent me a message asking if she posted the fabric and pieces that she'd put together, could I put the quilt together for her. Of course I could. The package winged it's way from the other side of the world and arrived few weeks later. This not before we were headed on our holiday to the UK and Portugal, so I thought I'd put it aside and work on it when we got back home and life settled back to normal.

Well... a few more months passed and my sewjo returned. It had been on holiday or hiatus... or something. Over a fortnight, I put together the pieces that Samantha had started all of those years ago. Some people had created embroidered blocks which I trimmed and added and before long, a quilt top finished. 

I decided on a white and neon spot backing fabric. I pieced and sewed up the backing and before I could procrastinate or start something new, I sandwiched the quilt and quilted it. I chose a black and white stripe fabric print for the binding and bound it over a few evenings.

Samantha's sister collected the quilt this morning. I asked how old her little girl was now, thinking she was 3 or 4... she's 6! 

This quilt may have travelled across the globe, been contributed to and worked on by quite a few people, taken a long time make, but tonight, this little girl will be able to snuggle under her very own quilt. A quilt which was dreamed up and started, long before she was born. 


  1. Hej,
    thats a great quilt, i love the little details :0) the embroidery is amazing! best wishes from denmark, Ulrike :0)

  2. All good things come to those who wait. That is sure to be treasured by the new owner.

  3. that's adorable.... I love the little stitkcheries and it will be special no matter how old she is... great quilt story...

  4. Thanks for sharing a happy quilt story and photos about a quilt that is full of love. Blessings sent to the quilters and the little girl.

  5. 6 years later is a great time to give a baby a quilt.
    When they are little, they just lay on it. Now she can treasure it
    It looks perfect, Anorina


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