The 'Including Bottle Green' Crochet Blanket

My crochet mojo (or should I say crojo?) is running hot right now. While I wait for a delivery from the Wool Warehouse in the UK, I've started another new blanket. Yep, I'm a little bit cuckoo, especially as it's the 3rd day of spring here in Australia.

This blanket is growing very quickly - I'm stitching HDC and using 2 different yarns at once with a great big 8mm size hook! 

To make this super bright blanket, I'm using yarn scraps along with those 'what on earth was I thinking when I bought this?' yarns. You know the ones I mean, right? You see them for 50c at the cheap shop and go a little bit crazy picking up balls of bottle green yarn because that's all that was left in the clearance sale... erhmmm... 

I'm calling it my "Includes Bottle Green Crochet Blanket". Hah!


  1. Hi Anorina,I think it looks fantastic,love the colours and a great way to use up odd balls of wool,well done my friend xx

  2. Hi Anorina! What a fantastic idea! I just might have to go and look for some "what was I thinking" yarns and make one for me! =)

  3. How many stitches did you use on your foundation row? I'm in US, do I use DC instead of HDC ? Thank you. Sharon


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