Kingfisher Quilt {progress}

I started the Kingfisher Quilt with great enthusiasm and finished off all of the EPP and applique quite quickly. I really enjoyed sitting down during quite moments and slow sewing.

Then I put the quilt half finished quilt top aside, unsure about which fabrics to use for borders and even whether to add the extra EPP triangles which are on the original pattern.

Weeks went by and the Kingfisher quilt top just sat draped over my quilt stand... looking sad and wanting attention. 

I finally bit the bullet and cut up some fabric for the first thin border. Red with white spots. You can't go wrong with red and white spots, right?

After sewing on that first border, I held the quilt up to my fabric shelf, looking for the perfect fabric for the next (wider) border. I decided on this mustard yellow fabric with pretty florals. I bought this years ago from the Fat Quarter Shop and had been holding on to it for "just the right" project.

The red in the flowers matched the red/white spot border perfectly. Perfect! I was so pleased to have finally found a use for this pretty print.

That was last week... tomorrow I hope to sandwich and baste it all ready for quilting. I just need to decide how to quilt it... without procrastinating too much longer.


  1. It's a beautiful quilt indeed! Yay for finding the right fabric for borders in your stash! xAli

    1. Thanks Ali. I'm so pleased with how it's coming along (and hope to finish it soon).

  2. Anorina, this is super pretty. I love it. pretty pretty pretty


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