QUILTING: Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt-ing

Do you remember the Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt I'd been working on, before I went away on holiday? Each week, I'd scheduled to share a new strip of pieced scrappy colours - possibly even reminisce on which projects I'd originally used some of those fabrics? 

This week I made up the black rows. When I say black, I really mean black, white and many shades of grey.

The quilt was looking too short and wide, so I decided to create two 'black' strips to sew to the top and bottom.

I think I like two dark sides and measured it up on my daughters double bed to ensure it was going to be a useful size.

The thing with making a big quilt, is firstly, having to make a big enough backing and then the quilting. My machine sits on the table which is pushed up against the wall. It's great for piecing, but not so much for quilting when I need to man-handle that quilt through the machine and have it banging into the wall.

But you know what? Perseverance is key. I stopped at around the half way point when my in-laws arrived for a visit. Their arrival was timed very well because my shoulder was getting quite sore. 

A few more solid hours of quilting and this big rainbow baby should be finished. To me, finished is way better than perfect - especially as it's the most scrappy happy quilt ever.

In other weekly news, I got my hair done. Yay for fresh hair! I've had the lighter ends for a while but they needed to be re-done as they were looking quite brassy (orange). I went to the salon and told my hairdresser to 'just make it look nice'. I really like how it's turned out, even if it is a lot lighter than it's ever been (in my life). 

My daughter suggested we buy some of that semi-permanent pink or purple colour from the supermarket to apply on the ends. Now wouldn't that be a sight! Hah!

After two terms of rehearsals, it's finally the school musical for my son. The whole cast have worked so hard, staying back after school every Monday and Wednesday and then this past few months adding Sunday's to the rehearsal schedule. As he's only just started high school, he doesn't have a huge role in the play, but it hasn't dampened his enthusiasm or dedication. 

Over the months, I teamed up with one of his friends mums to do the many pick-ups and drops offs. Finally, the end is in sight. They performed two shows yesterday, have today off after a very late night and then perform two more shows on Friday and Saturday with Sunday being the bump out day (to tidy up and clear out of the theatre). I've booked tickets to go and see the final show and attend the after party. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing my boy in action and possibly even get a photo of him in full costume and makeup! 


  1. your quilt is just wonderful.... I love your use of colours.... School performances are great fun....

  2. You continue to be one super talented lady. And the hair is stunning!! Love it.


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