Learning Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian Crochet - Simple Stitch

A few years ago, I was at a book fair in my town. The book fairs are held twice a year (March and October) and last for about 4 days. I generally try to get there on the first day because that's when all the "good" books are still available. Well, that's my assumption anyways.

As is my way, I headed straight over to the craft book tables first. You never know what pre-loved treasures you might find at bargain prices. I stood there looking through the books and I heard a lady near me talking to her friend. They were looking for books on Tunisian crochet and asked everyone at the tables if they saw any to sing out. Tunisian crochet. Being a non-crocheter at the time, Tunisian crochet sounded very exotic and probably too hard. Regular crochet sounded too hard, much less something with a really long hook.

Zoom forward about 5 years and I learned how to crochet - regular crochet. It wasn't as hard as I'd imagined and it's a pass time that I really enjoy.

I watched online videos and one video I especially enjoyed watching was on the basics of Tunisian crochet. I'm about halfway through and have started working on a couple of samples. Tunisian crochet is sooooooooo much easier than I'd ever imagined.

The simple stitch (top image) is my favourite and this full stitch (image below) is also quite nice and easy to do. I still need practice to get my edges nice and even. The hardest part about Tunisian crochet is working with the long hook, compared with a regular smaller size one. But other than that, it's easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The other night, I went on eBay and bought myself a set of Tunisian Crochet hooks for a few dollars. They arrived in my mail box this morning. 

Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon :)


  1. Hi Anorina beautiful work my friend,I am just learning crochet too,I am enjoying it,you are doing so well with it xx

  2. Early bird gets the worm ;-)! Your stitches are looking lovely! Tunisian crochet has a bit of a "knitted" look,... have fun stitching!

  3. When I learned the stitch in the first picture it was called the afghan stitch. Maybe that's a US thing? I never knew it had another name.

  4. that looks fun... I've never heard of it...

  5. I learned Tunisian while in 8th grade through my art teacher. I made baby blankets, a hunter orange purse, and baby toys. I hate regular crochet, but love Tunisian!!


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