PUBLISHED: Sketch Book Table Runner

Sketchbook Tablerunner by Anorina Morris @sameliasmum
Sketchbook Table Runner by Anorina Morris

Sketchbook Table Runner by Anorina Morris

I love, love, love a long weekend. It's the Queen's birthday public holiday Monday and we've had the loveliest family day. A walk around the Botanical Gardens, a stop into the big green grocer near there, lunch and then a pitstop into the games store so that my kids could get a new Xbox (while it's on sale) as their old console (which I bought second hand to start with) just wasn't coping very well anymore. 

They honestly don't spend huge amounts of time playing games, but I figure that if they're playing nicely together, especially if they're not fighting, then it's a win-win situation. I give it about an hour before I have to go in there to be the referee.

Sketchbook Table Runner by Anorina Morris

In the meantime, I thought I'd share my newest projects published in Handmade Magazine (issue 37-2). Have you heard that both Handmade and Australian Patchwork & Quilting are coming to an end? This is the second last issue of Handmade and the last one will be out at the end of the month. It's sad news as I've worked with Express Publications for many years and they're the ones who published my first pattern.

Anyways, a few months back, the magazine sent me a FQ bundle of this Sketch Book fabric (by Leutenegger) to ctreate a few new projects for them. I had an applique pot holder and trivet set published a few issues ago and in this current issue, I have the Starburst Cushion (which I'll share later in the week) and this Sketch Book table runner.

This table runner was fun to make and the 9 patch blocks come together quickly. I decided on using the dark centre square for all of the 5 blocks and really like the effect. 

I really love this simple design and think by just multiplying the blocks, it would make a gorgeous quilt. Can you imagine a scrappy quilt version? Oooh La-La!


  1. It's very pretty..... well done on another published project


  2. Sad to know those mags are closing but happy to know you're published again, Anorina. Note to self - buy that issue - your table runner is lovely.


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