QUILTING: Step in Time

Step in Time is one of my earliest quilt patterns. It was published in Homespun magazine back in early 2012 and I have it available as a free pattern on Craftsy.

It's such a lovely simple design and is quite quick to piece... especially if you are using it to make a baby size quilt. 

A new baby in the family means a new reason to make a baby quilt. Yay! Rather than use charm packs as I did in the original quilt, I chose a handful of "male" fabric pieces which came in some scrap bags that I bought a  couple of years ago.

I cut these up into 2.5" strips and then cross cut the strips into 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles. I chose white and a lovely aqua blue solid for the step down design within the quilt and cut these exactly the same way.

It was quick to sew the print and solid pieces together. I pressed them all to the print side and then layed out the pieces to create the 'step down' design. As it was only a small quilt, I found that my large portable design board was perfect to keep my pieces in the correct order and direction, as I sewed them all together. 

I backed this quilt with a lovely soft flannel fabric and quilted in a large loopy design. I managed to sew on the binding right before my husband whisked it away to pack in his suitcase and gift on his next work trip the next morning.

This quick "whisking away" meant that I didn't get the chance to capture some nice daylight pictures of the finished quilt... but I did get some badly lit ones in my living room. So there's that :)

You can DOWNLOAD the FREE Step in Time quilt pattern here from my Craftsy store.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern for such a fun looking baby quilt!

  2. Oh it's lovely. Simple is often stunning xx


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