QUILTING: Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt - Pink

It's Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt Tuesday. Wow, that was a mouthful, but YAY! This project is coming along very well and I'm actually surprising myself that I've kept up with my self-imposed sewing schedule. 

The SHRQuilt is now at the half way mark. Pink was such an easy column (and a half) to put together. I use a lot of pink fabrics in my general sewing, which means that I have a lot of pink fabric scraps in my tub. 

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I enjoyed digging through and finding some older pink pieces, right down at the bottom of the tub. Pieces from projects that I can't even remember! That's what happens when you collect fabric scraps from the beginning of time!

I tried to keep the darker pink prints together, gradually working down towards the soft pastel baby pinks. The dark pinks will join the red column so I thought this might make a fun colour progression. Honestly, the only reason I could do this was due to the huge amount of pink in my scrap tub.

Are you joining me in making the Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt? Are you up to the pink column yet? Send me some pictures of your progress or tag me on social. 

I would love, love, love to see your #SHRQuilt


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