QUILTING: Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt - Orange

It's scrappy happy rainbow quilt Tuesday - Yay!

Today, it's all about the colour orange and its variations. When I thought last week that my 'yellow' scrap fabric offerings may have been a little lacking, I actually thought my orange stash would probably we even worse. But I was surprised by how much orange I was able to pull together for this weeks column, without having to raid or cut out into any big pieces of fabric from my 'real' fabric stash.

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I began the process just like with my red and yellow columns. I pressed all of the pieces first, before taking them, a little cutting board, ruler and rotary cutter over to my sewing machine.

I then dipped my hand into the pile and started sewing pieces together until I had the desired width (for my project, it's been roughly 9") as those seems to be the longest scrappy strips I seem to have found in my scrap tubs. Probably pieces cut from a F8th or possibly from layer cake squares.

Honestly, looking at some of these scrap - I don't even know where they came from!

As you can tell my the photographs, I was very lenient in what I defined as "orange", which helped make this scrappy pieced column, large enough to incorporate into my Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt and still make an impact.

Do you want to see what the quilt is looking like, so far? I couldn't resist putting together my yellow, orange and red columns together to have a quick little look and take a picture.

How is your SHRQuilt going? 
Are you up to the orange scraps this week too? 

For next week, I think I'll tackle my pink scraps. I'm sure I won't have a problem making up a column of scrappy pink. I have enough pink in my stash that I could probably make up 2 or even 17 columns of pink.


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  1. I am always amazed at what comes out of scraps. Watching with interest.

    1. Thanks Karen. One of my favourite things about this project is digging deep down into the tub and finding fabrics I'd forgotten... and then trying to remember where or when I'd used them.

  2. That is going to be stunning! I love orange so this months strips are just my thing.

  3. This is looking great and of course I love the idea of using so many scraps.


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