EMBROIDERY: Travel Laundry Bag {Free Pattern}

Are you going away for a weekend or travelling anywhere exciting soon? Do you know anyone going away on a holiday to far away, exotic places? Feel like doing a little bit of embroidery and creating a cute travel laundry bag? Itching to start a new project?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you might like to make my Travel Laundry Bag - with embroidery. 

I stitching the 'Laundry' and flower design with simple back stitches, but if stem stitch is more your jam, then by all means, go with it.

I used shades of purple and green, but I'd love to see your colour combinations. Pink and Orange. Blue and Yellow. Red and Grey.

For the moment (and I'm not sure how long), I'm offering this Travel Laundry Bag patternso get over there and download it soon.


  1. Hi Anorina ,thankyou for this sweet design,laundry are great when travelling xx


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