52 Weeks - Blur the Action

This weeks 52 Frames photo challenge was 'blur the action'. I'm excellent at taking 'blurry' photos, but usually, it's unintentional. This challenge was meant to be a photo with a blurred moving component.

Thank goodness I watched a bunch of Craftsy photography videos and learnt a little bit about shutter speed. Try Craftsy Unlimited, watch everything free! The lower the number the slower the shutter speed which is how you get that blurry effect.

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Now to the setting. How amazing is this graffiti street art? This is painted on a wall in a carpark in our neighbourhood. It's only new and while it was being painted, we drove past it every day (to and from school). We wanted to get a picture with it, but never found the time or the right moment. 

When I saw the challenge theme, my first idea for the shot was a blurry figure running in front of the wall. As it's Sunday and the carpark was mostly empty, I took Amelia along and we made the most of it.

Technically, it's probably very flawed, but I don't care. I really like it. Spending some time with my little girl, trying to work out what angle we'd shoot from along with different poses to try and capture - what a lovely way to spend some time with my girl.


  1. great pic Anorina xx

  2. It looks like it wasn't a challenge for you at all. What a great background and a great way to spend time with your daughter. Thanks for sharing the link to the challenge.


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