52 Frames - Smell

This weeks photo challenge theme was "smell". How do you convey smell in a photograph? And what sort of smell do you want the viewer to imagine?

I'd originally thought that perhaps I'd set up my camera on the tripod, play with the shutter speed and take a photo of a mist of perfume being sprayed. I thought I was being super clever until I searched Google for more "smelly" ideas and saw a lot of spray photo examples. 

Then, I thought it would be cute to get a close up of Chester's nose, sniffing a flower. Have you ever tried to put a very heavily scented flower (like this gardenia) in front of a cat? He looks more afraid than anything.

Smell doesn't have to be a good smell, does it? I took this photo of cow backsides at the Sydney Royal Easter show. The photograph doesn't do the actual smell in the air when we walked into this space, justice. 

In the end, I submitted a picture of my daughter smelling a rose (top photo). My focus was meant to be mainly on her nose and the flower, but her eyelashes seem to be more captivating and are the hero of the shot. This is a girl who won't need much mascara when she gets older.

I played around with the colours as I wasn't happy with how wishy-washy they originally looked. In the end, I decided to go with a B & W / Sepia look. If nothing else, this week has taught me to keep my eyes open for different photo opportunities and keep my mind open to thinking outside the square.

Next weeks challenge is "Blur the Action". I have ideas but need to go and watch a few videos on how to use the shutter speed to best effect for the results I'm imagining.

If you'd like to join in the 52 Frames weekly photo challenge, you can get all of the details here (and sign up too).


  1. You have captured smell beautifully....I could "smell" each photo as I looked at it.

  2. I agree Anorina you have captured smell really well and this pic is beautiful ,a good one to frame and hang up,you are very clever my friend xx

  3. You definitely captured smell - those cows - my imagination is very good lol. Your photos are great - lovely quilts by the way. :)


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