The "I watch too many cooking shows" 'Spaghetti, Pork & Mushroom' recipe

Spaghetti, Salsiccia e Funghi
Spaghetti, Pork & Mushroom

Sometimes, when you watch too many cooking shows you start to cook what the contestants cook. Or is that just me?

I'm such a fan of My Kitchen Rules (MKR) and have literally watched every episode, ever! I love Pete. I love Manu. And, I even love Colin.

Last week, one of the teams made a dish that looked so delicious that I had to give it a try. Luckily the recipes are on the website after the show, otherwise I'd have a bit of trouble replicating the dishes.

I swapped out a few ingredients that the contestants used with what I had at home and what was available at my local grocery store. This is a quick, simple and really delicious dish. I thought I'd share the recipe here incase anyone is inspired to try it, and for my future reference (because it was THAT GOOD!).

Spaghetti, Pork & Mushroom

Spaghetti, Salsiccia e Funghi

Spaghetti (around 300g)
Minced pork meat or sausage (around 500g)
1 large onion - diced
250g sliced mushrooms
1/2 glass white wine
300g thickened cream
olive oil
1 tbsp fennel seed
1 tsp chilli flakes
Chopped fresh parsley (a handful)
salt & white pepper to taste

Boil the spaghetti per the packet instructions.

Make the pork into rough little 'balls'. Add a little oil into a pan and add the pork. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, fennel seeds and chilli. Fry the pork until they're golden. Remove cooked pork bals from the pan.

Add a little more olive oil (if necessary) and cook the onion and mushrooms until softened. Add the pork balls and the wine. Cook for a few more minutes before adding the cream. When it's just about thickened a little (around 5 minutes), toss in the parsley and stir through the cooked spaghetti.

Serve topped with parmesan.

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