QUILTING: Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt - Yellow

Following on from my original post "Let's all make a Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt" last week, today, I made a start on my yellow column.

Initially, I did wonder if I had picked out enough yellow fabrics from my scrap tubs. My ziploc bag seemed a little small, but once I pressed the pieces I figured I had enough to get started (at least). If I needed more, there were plenty more to choose from in my scrap tub. 

I turned on the Gilmore Girls (Season 2 Episodes 9-12) and spent the day in my sewing room. If you love the GG's too, here's my free pattern to a mug rug, perfect for fans of this show.

I made a long yellow column and then made a start on a second column. I'm not sure I'll make a whole other yellow column. I'm thinking I might make the lower half orange which will then turn to red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown... you get the gist. This quilt is meant to be happy, not only to look at, but to make, so I'm going to let it grow as it likes.

How has everyone progressed with their Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt? 

Have you divided up some fabrics scraps and organised them by colour yet? 

Have you sewed up your first column of colour? 


  1. Hi Anorina your scrappy quilt is looking fantastic,yellow is such a happy colour and what a great mug rug xx

  2. Love seeing this in yellow!


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