Paper Flowers and a Bull

What do paper flowers, a lounge, popcorn and a great big bull have in common? Well, family movie night, of course!

It's almost the weekend, which in our house means family movie time. Yaaaay! Do you (or did you) do this with your kiddies too? 

Even though they're growing up (way too fast) they still love to sit on the lounge and watch a film with me - with popcorn! They usually argue and can never come to an agreement on what to watch, so I generally choose the film. Lately, I've been introducing them to films from my childhood, but this week, we have a treat. 


We went to the cinema to watch Ferdinand and absolutely loved it. The bright colours, the music and the funny characters made this film our favourite school holiday film. 

It has a beautiful message, teaching kids to be themselves. 

Ferdinand had the right idea, preferring to play on the flower farm, smelling the flowers, rather than fight in a ring, as is expected from a bull. 

We were inspired by the visual floral feast in the film and thought we'd have a go at making some paper flowers to decorate Amelia's bookshelf. She's a girl who takes after her mother - crafting while watching the television.

Paper Dahlia

There are literally hundreds of paper flower tutorials and patterns available online. Here are a few which we'd like to try.

Ferdinand is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

Thanks to Fox Entertainment Group and Frank PR for the Ferdinand DVD pack.


  1. I loved Ferdinand too. I read that book over and over to my kiddos. They are 29 and 34 now and we still get together for a movie night now and then. Usually it's something sci-fi or Marvel comics, but I relish the time spent together. I am usually hand sewing.

    1. It's all about making time for each other, isn't it? Life moves so quickly and it's lovely to feel warm and comfortable with our loved ones, even if only for a little while. My son is the sci-fi fan too :)

  2. Making memories for the future is such a precious thing to do. Pretty flower.

    1. I do hope they remember how they felt sitting to watch films together and I hope this is something that they will think to do with their own families when they grow up. I have very fond memories of sitting with my grandfather to watch old Shirley Temple and Jerry Lewis films on a Sunday afternoon.

  3. Adorrrrable. Your daughter is a cutie too


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