Mother Knows Best - Embroidered Cushion by Anorina Morris : @sameliasmum

"Mother Knows Best" embroidery by Anorina Morris : @sameliasmum

Our most watched Disney film EVER (in the history of all time) would have to be Tangled. It was released when my little girl was about 4 and it just captured her imagination and her heart. Honestly, whats not to love? Rapunzel sings, dances, paints and has the cutest little side-kick. But she's not the girliest of girls and can totally defend herself when armed with a frying pan.

The soundtrack is lovely and for a while there, we had it playing in the car. 

One song which I love is 'Mother knows best' and I use the chorus on my kids when they ask WHY?!?

Mother knows best, listen to your mother.
It's a scary world out there.
Mother knows best, one way or another,
Something will go wrong, I swear!
Ruffians, thugs, poison ivy, quicksand.
Cannibals and snakes. The plague... NO!

When I was asked to create a magazine project, which would be perfect for a 'special occasion', I decided to make something for a mother. It's a great Mother's Day gift, birthday gift or even just 'anytime' gift for a lovely mum which you know.

The embroidery piece is quite simple. I used basic back stitch, french knots and satin stitch, but you can complete this in any stitches you like. 

I embroidered my piece with Aurifloss, which I absolutely love. It's a lovely glossy cotton thread by Aurifil. I purchase my Aurifloss from the Fat Quarter Shop.

It is appliqued to the centre of a dresden flower to create the cushion. But, there's no reason the stitched piece couldn't be used on another project entirely: possibly a bag, on the back of a denim jacket, incorporated into a quilt.

And here the video clip of Mother Knows Best from the Disney film, Tangled. It's catchy, don't you think?


  1. That's very sweet... you are very clever with your designs

    1. Hi Fiona, thank you so much. I really enjoying coming up with new designs :)

  2. Hi Anorina such a cute pattern well done xx

    1. Thanks Shez. It was fun to make.
      Hope you have an AHMAZZZZZING weekend in Brissy.

  3. Your cushion is lovely. What a great idea for the centre. Gorgeous embroidery.


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