Cruising, Cricket and Kantha

It's mid February 2018 ALREADY! I just looked at my last blog post and saw that it was over a month ago. I had every intention of posting more regularly but life has been very busy lately. Admittedly, the thought of even turning on my computer has just seemed like too much effort when I can just use my phone to look at pretty things instead. 

Flower Crown on the Isle of Pines (New Calendonia)

So what's been happening?
Well, we went on that family cruise to New Caledonia which was wonderful. It was our first cruise and I will not be our last. 

New Caledonia is lovely and we were very lucky with the weather. Seasoned cruisers, who we chatted with on the ship, kept saying how lucky we were with the weather as this time of the year is usually cyclone season. Apparently the next cruise that left after ours (a man which my husband works with happened to be on that later cruise) told him how awfully choppy the sea was and how much rain they had. Even now, Cyclone Gita is sweeping around the area, so we were truly blessed on our trip.

Noumea is more "French" than I'd imagined and we spent a few hours in this city riding around on a bus. We got found a park in the centre of the city with free WiFi which made us very happy... when I saw 'us', I'm referring to me and kids. Hubby could probably have gone without internet the whole trip (and longer).

Other day stops on the trip included Mare, Lifou and the Isle of Pines which has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. The sand is so white and fine it almost feels like silk underfoot. The water is very clear and the most beautiful sparkling turquoise - it almost looked photoshopped. Of all the places we visited, the Isle of Pines was definitely my most favourite.

There was so much to do onboard the ship and our sail days were often filled with shows, fun activities and eating. SO MUCH FOOD! Hubby and I loved the trivia competitions held at various times throughout the day and even managed to win a few of the challenges. The prize for winning, other than glory? A golden 'ship on a stick' trophy. Yay! We came home with 3 trophies and a medal.

Sunrise on the Coral Sea

We returned from the cruise and life returned to normal.

I had a birthday. Yay me!

We went to the beach a few more times and swam in our pool daily.

We went to a few games of cricket. Our Sydney Sixers didn't do too well this year, but it didn't stop us from yelling like crazy in support.

Sydney Sixers @ SCG

We shopped for school shoes and supplies.

The kids went back to school.

My son started high school. HIGH SCHOOL!! He also had a birthday that first week back at school. He's now 12 with a croaky voice, size 10 feet and he's a charm square (5") taller than me.

I made a table runner after seeing all of the pretty Kantha inspired projects on Instagram. I do love to sit and stitch with pretty perle cotton thread. 

I crocheted a couple of squares for my grey/blue C2C blanket. It's my portable project which is easy to pick up and work on, at any time.

I made a few more large hexagon blocks for my Smitten Quilt.

I have 2 new projects in the latest Handmade Magazine. One is a quick and easy picnic quilt and the other is a cushion that is just perfect for a Mothers Day gift. 

So, what's next? Well we're planning our next holiday. Yes, already!

Hubby's leave doesn't work quite like a normal leave cycle. They have to 'bid' for their preferred leave slots in 2 week increments within an 8 month window. He usually tries to have leave during school holidays so that we can do "family" things. He had a month off during Dec/Jan which was when we travelled which was at the end of that 8 month leave cycle. He now has a month off during April/May which is the earlier side of the leave cycle. 

Annual leave does fall during the term 1 school holidays so we're making the most of it and heading to Europe for a few weeks.

England + Wales + Portugal + Spain

We're at the planning stages and if you have any suggestions of cool, funky, quirky, inspiring places to visit or things to do, please let me know. I'd love all the suggestions I can get!


  1. You have been busy.... and sounds like heaps of fun...


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation. I so enjoy seeing such gorgeous places. Midway Island I helped close down the Naval Base when I was in the US Navy Reserves. Never have forgotten the goony birds, fairy terns, the water and sand. Hope you hold these memories in your mind's eye when you get old like I am now. :-)

  3. You have been VERY busy. Looks like the cruise was wonderful. You were extremely lucky with the weather. And it looks like the stitching has not slowed down, either. Gorgeous runner and blocks. Great to see you in the magazines again.
    Good luck planning the next trip.


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