Taking Stock: October

Are you a fan of Pip and her blog Meet me at Mike's? It's one of my most favourite, go-to, blogs. Each month, Pip writes a 'taking stock' post and invites us to join in... so I am!

Making: Quilt labels. I'm a lazy quilt labeller and decided that I really should be more pro-active in making labels for all of my quilts, not just the ones that I gift.

Cooking: At this precise moment, spaghetti for dinner. I'm hoping that the heat is at 'just the right' temperature balance so that the pasta water doesn't boil over.

Drinking: Not enough water. I do try, but fail. Does coffee count?

Reading: The new (November) issue of Homespun magazine arrived today and I'm excited to have a project in it. There are some really pretty projects in this issue. 

Wanting: A cordless iron. I was watching Kimberley of Fat Quarter Shop on YouTube the other day and saw her using the cutest little cordless iron. It'll need to go on to my Christmas wish list.

Looking: At the clock - I have 20 minutes until I wrangle the kids out the door to karate. They have their grading next month and we have to make sure that they're ready for their next belt.

Playing: Bingo! Oh my goodness I love bingo. I go with my mum on a Thursday morning and sometimes, we even win!

Deciding: Whether I should continue on with my Smitten Quilt or whether I should start something new. 

Wishing: That the cleaning fairies would come into my sewing room and clean it up for me. I always feel more inspired when the room is tidy.

Enjoying: Cadbury chocolate. I bought a few bags for the trick or treaters who may come and knock on the door, but they really need to hurry up or there won't be any chocolate left!

Waiting: Christmas holidays! We're heading to Melbourne for Christmas this year and I'm really looking forward to the road trip. We're taking a couple of days on this trip and hoping to explore some other towns on the way before we stay with my husbands family.

Liking: Family Food Fight on Ch 9 - I'm a sucker for a cooking show.

Wondering: Whether it will rain today or whether I should go and water the garden.

Loving: This warmer weather. Yay for spring!

NB: This is now the next morning... it takes a long time to think about this list :)

Pondering: The Helga's 25% lower carb bread... how do they take the carbs out of it?

Considering: What to get my husband for Christmas. He is possibly the hardest person in the world to buy for. What are you getting your other half?

Buying: Fabric. Way too much fabric. I've had three fabric parcel deliveries this week alone.

Watching: Bosch on SBS on Demand. I read some of the books years ago and quite enjoy the show - though, the actor portraying Harry Bosch isn't how I'd pictured the character in my head. Have you noticed how many cool shows are available to stream on SBS on Demand?!?!

Hoping: I'm solo on school canteen today and I'm hoping the kids don't have too much spending money.

Marvelling: At how quickly my kids are growing. They're 11 and 10 and sometimes bicker til my head wants to explode and other times come out with the craziest, funniest things. They are truly amazing little humans.

Cringing: Hmmm... I'll have to come back to this one.

Needing: More time in my day. A few extra hours between kids bedtime and my bedtime would be perfect.

Questioning: Will I ever finish this list?

Smelling: Pomegranate and Apple (or something like that). I bought one of those wooshy smelly dispenser thingies and every so often it blasts a lovely scented mist.

Wearing: Jeans and a tshirt - my standard uniform

Following: The story of whether Sophie and Stu are still together. Oh yes, The Bachelorette is not over for me just yet.

Noticing: My little seedlings are emerging. I weeded and tidied up the front garden and then threw down random seedlings in the empty spaces. All sorts of things are growing and I'll have to wait and see what emerges.

Knowing: That I have to hurry up as it's almost time for school.

Thinking: About what to cook for dinner tonight. What are you making?

Admiring: My daughters hair. It seems to get more curly every day. She has amazing hair. AHHmazing!

Sorting: Through my cookbooks. I have so many and surely I don't need them all. There are cookbooks in the piles that I've never actually cooked anything from. Perhaps I need to start a cookbook challenge.... hmmm...

Getting: Fit! Aiming for those 10K steps each day.

Bookmarking: Christmas recipes and crafts

Coveting: Vintage Pyrex. My OP shops don't ever seem to have any of the 'good stuff' though. The search continues.

Disliking: My alarm ring tone. I just changed it that song "Relax, don't do it, when you want to go to it..." by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. It's loud and obnoxious and I wake up with such a start.

Opening: Parcels. Lots of lovely little fabric parcels ;-)

Giggling: Gogglebox. Honestly, who knew that watching people watch television could be so funny!

Feeling: Happy. Life is good.

Snacking: Salty sultanas. I have a mixed nut tub and threw in some dried fruit. The sultanas with a touch of salt which rubs off the peanuts was a revelation. Go on, try it. You'll be surprised.

Hearing: The kids squabbling. It's time for school.

Will you play along too? Here's the list I got from Meet me at Mike's and be sure to visit Pip to see what she's up to. 

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  1. Hi Anorina,love your label and a big congrats on being published,well done my friend xx


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