Catch-Up (Crafting, Baking, Reading and Watching)

It's been a little while since I wrote one of these catch-up posts. With Instagram and Facebook, I find that I'm sharing the everyday stuff on those platforms, and neglecting my little old blog. If only our days had more hours... and if only our hours and more minutes...

The kids have been so busy this past few months with school production rehearsals (even in the school holidays) and then finally the production was last weekend. It was lovely to see them so enthusiastic about it and really get into their character. There's now talk that they'd like to take up drama lessons next year!

The end of the school year is coming up fast. This is the last few weeks of primary school for my boy. He begins high school next year. My baby is growing up so quickly. He's 11 and is now officially a good inch (probably more) taller than me. I'll have an extra tall person around to reach things up on high shelves ;-)


It was a busy weekend, so I didn't get much time to stitch... but even so, I really do think that I'm the slowest EPP'er in the whole wide world! Seriously! These 2 small blocks are all I have to show for the weekend.

I used a light grey aurifil thread to sew the pieces together and I can see some of my stitches (especially in that lower block). I figure once the whole Smitten Quilt is put together, they won't be as noticeable. Well, that's what I'm hoping.


We went to family lunch at my parents house on Saturday, so I baked a really delicious pound cake to take with me. This is the thermomix recipe that I used, though it's easy enough to make with an electric mixer.

Once I'd poured the mix into the baking tin, I added a half packet of frozen raspberries, pushing those down into the batter. I topped it with dollops of raspberry jam. These also sank to the bottom of the baked cake, so I drizzled lemon icing over the top to make it look prettier. It was sweet, delicious and was gobbled up very quickly. 

Friday nights are family movie night at our house. The kids discovered the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid film on Fetch, so we made pizza with ingredients we had in the fridge and ate it in front of the telly. How great are Friday nights?!? 

And honestly, this is a really funny (and completely relatable) film - perfect for the tween age group. 


"The Mummy Bloggers" by Holly Wainwright was such a fun read. It was light and easy to read and I absolutely enjoyed it. It's basically about 3 mummy bloggers (a working mum blog, and lifestyle mum blog and a green/activist mum blog) all vying for the title of mummy blogger in a competition with lots of exposure and prize money. The lengths that they go through to win are absolutely crazy... and you kind of hope that these types of people don't exist in real-life.

Moving on from this book, I then read The Poet by Michael Connelly, which was the opposite of light hearted. And now I'm reading The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child. It's the first book I'm reading by this author and am enjoying it. It was in the returns trolley at the library when I was there last week. The title grabbed me, and I'm glad that it did. I'm only a few chapters into it but am already finding it hard to put down. Have you read any of his books?


I can't believe that it's almost the end of The Block and The Bachelorette. Last night on The Block, it was the front and garden reveal. I loved these old house with front porches and even thought the judges didn't, I loved Clint and Hannah's pink door and white porch fence. If I had a bazillion dollars, I'd be happy to live in any of those 5 houses. Which is your favourite?

The Bachelorette - I'm team Apollo all the way! 

I've also been watching my garden grow. Spring has sprung and the garden is looking happy. The tomato plants are gearing up for a big summer season. I went a little crazy this year in buying tomato plants and seeds. We have all sorts of varieties in the garden this year and I can't wait until we have our first basket of red/yellow/white/dark maroon tomatoes to show. I've planted herb seeds all around the place too, so I'm hoping they grow well. 

With the little bit of rain and then lots of sunshine, the zucchini plants are taking off too and I'll be searching for different zucchini recipes before long.

The spinach has gone crazy! I'd love any recipes that you can suggest (that my kids might actually eat?)

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  1. I was going to tell the books I've read by Lincoln Child but it seems I have read any! I have 2 on hold, though. What I must have been thinking is the author Lee Child, who writes about a character named Jack Reacher and the author Jeffery Deaver, who writes about a character Lincoln Rhyme! *red face*
    I do highly recommend both series. :)

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