SEWING: Pincushion-mania

Raw Edge Applique Pincushion by Anorina Morris (

It’s pincushion-mania around here lately. I joined the #PinnieParade challenge on Instagram, expecting to be completely inspired for the first few days, but for my interest to wane... well, I’ve not only amazed myself with keeping up with the challenge, but I’ve even got a buffer for a couple of days worth of pincushions at the ready.

I posted about the pinnie challenge the other week and have a few more pincushions to share here today. You can never have too many pincushions, right? Well, perhaps you can... but I won't let that thought stop me.

Made by Ali of Arabesque Scissors

Some of the pincushions were made by me, but others (like this one above and below) were made for me, by online friends. How wonderful is the online crafty community?

Free Pattern: Strawberry embroidery pincushion by Anorina Morris of
Strawberry Embroidery Pincushion designed by Anorina Morris

This strawberry pincushion (above) was made with some left over fabrics from the pinwheel table runner. The strawberry design is a free one I offer over on Craftsy.

Made by @BiblioSewandSo

Lavender embroidery pincushion by Anorina Morris of
Lavender Pincushion, designed by Anorina Morris

I decided on this lavender pincushion the other night. I drew the basic outline for the stems and then made the blooms with 3 shades of purple/lilac and little lazy-daisy stitches. I honestly love how this turned out.

Lavender embroidery pincushion by Anorina Morris of
Lavender embroidery designed by Anorina Morris

At the end of the month, I hope to make a great big collage with 31 pincushions. Let’s see if I can keep it up and reach that goal ;-)


  1. All pretty pin cushions. Those colors are so cheerful. Looking forward to seeing the collage :)

  2. Such super cute pincushions. Love each and every one of them!

  3. Hi Anorina ,love all your pin cushions xx

  4. LOVE that 1st one with the appliqued leaves and rick rack vine!! It's SEW sweet.

  5. Love all your pinnies and thanks for sharing mine! I'm glad you still love it! It's been a fun challenge...not sure I'll make it to the end though, as we have lots of appts, exams, a holiday, and sewing commitments to juggle too xAli

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  7. I think pincushions make every sewer's heart happy. Yours are gorgeous!


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