TRAVEL: Haven & Space (Berry, NSW)

Do you ever walk into a homewares style store and just "love" absolutely everything? Do you walk in and start to envision (erhm... daydream) what you might buy? Items may not necessarily suit the existing decor, no-one else in the family shows any interest in the things you're catching your breath over and honestly, its pretty much out of your price range... yet you cant help but get excited!?!?

We went on a little family outing the other day, to a small town called Berry. Its only a half hour drive from our house and a lovely place to have some morning tea or lunch, browse the stores and generally enjoy the 'country' ambience.

Love this desk clock

In Berry, there’s a store (well it’s gotten so big now, there are 2 stores to accomodate all of the beautiful things) called Haven & Space. Every time we visit the town, I just have to stop in and have a look around. The items are fun, quirky and I love them all.

As soon as I walked into the store, I was confronted with a couch covered in denim. Denim! How completely cool! And all of those cushions!

A Denim Couch. Denim!

3-tier stand

I have no place in my home where this sideboard could could live, but I love the chunky wood and those bright colourful tiled panels.

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, you must stop into this store (and the many others in the town). It’s a gorgeous day trip from Sydney or Canberra (or anywhere in between).

PS The Berry Bakery makes the best steak and pepper pies. THE BEST!


  1. Hi Anorina what a lovely shop,i love all the things you have shown as well,prices are pretty good too,thankyou for sharing xx

    1. es their prices are reasonable and I always come home with “something”.

      Everyone needs more of those 3-tier stands in their lives, don’t they?

      Hope you’re having a lovely afternoon. I hear it’s cold down in your part of the world today (hubby just flew from Sydney to Melbourne and now on his way to Brisbane).

      Anorina :)

  2. I know that shop all too well....LOL. It is a must whenever I visit also.

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