Little Sewing

This past week, I’ve been doing some “little” sewing. Taking the time to hand stitch little details to projects, add a little bit of lace, some embroidery or a button. Little extra bits which, I think, make a lovely difference overall.

Or… it could just be that my sewing room is so messy right now, that the thought of starting a new big project is just too much, so I take the “little” sewing with me to the other room.

What’s the state of your sewing space right now? 
Out of control? 
Neat and tidy? 
Super organised?


  1. Lovely special details. I think organised chaos adequately describes it lol!

    1. Ha! I like that. I think my room is “organised chaos” too.

      Have a lovely afternoon :)

  2. Hi Anorina,think mine is in the organised chaos description as well,lol,love your little tag ,so cute xx

  3. Hi Anorina, mine is definitely out of control as I am sorting to down size. I am working one section at a time but in the meantime it's just chaos! LOL!


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