QUILT: Bittersweet Symphony {Progress}

After a short break, I'm back in the sewing zone, playing with my Bittersweet Symphony Quilt. You can read more about the progress of this quilt HERE and HERE.

The fabric is called Bittersweet and is by Sue Daley for Riley Blake Designs. 

This quilt has progressed slowly. I hand appliqu├ęd most of the top and decided to continue the slow-sewing by hand quilting it. 

So far, so good. I am enjoying playing with my huge stash of Perle 8 cotton thread in rainbow colours. I do seem to have almost run out of lilac which I've been using in the little crosses, so may need to work on another section while I order some more. The first border has taken a few days of solid work which at this rate, means it might be finished by Christmas? Yikes!

It's spread out on one end of the dining table (for now) with Netflix to keep me company. Oh and YouTube. Lot's of sewing a crochet videos to watch on YouTube.

What are you watching or listening to while you craft? 
Have you come across any good Podcasts lately? How about audio books? 


  1. Awow Anorina this quilt is stunning,well done .

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous! I have a question about the lilac crosses or "x"s, how do you move from one to another? On the back of the quilt or through the layers? I'm doing some big stitch hand quilting and I move from one section to the next between the layers. I'd like to see what the back of that section looks like!

  3. I wish I had the patience to hand quilt! It looks beautiful!

  4. A work of art!!!

  5. I love how this quilt is looking... very artistic....
    I like listenign to audio books - at the moment I am enjoying Fiona McIntosh.

  6. I love this quilting idea! I intend to adopt this idea to finally finish a quilt that has been languishing in my closet for decades. You have made me so happy!

  7. Look at all those kisses! You are one clever girl :) xo


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