Catch-Up: Rain, Crochet and Trolls (the movie)

Oh my gosh, this rain! Autumn has arrived here in the Illawarra with a SPLASH! It's rained at some stage, almost every day, for at least a week - and the forecast is fore more to come! Thursday was crazy with so much water that our area became flooded in for a few hours. Our house is quite high up, so it wasn't a problem for us, but the creeks that run through the open farmland areas couldn't contain the amount of water and flooded up onto the roads, effectively blocking us from getting out.

Rainy weather means that it's great for crafting and I've been in a crochet frenzy lately. Due to it being National Craft Month, Spotlight have had some fantastic yarn sales, so I've stocked up on lots of loveliness. Don't know when (or if) I'll get to use it all, but I'll give it a red hot go!

My crochet blanket (which I started back here on our US holiday) is coming along nicely. I'm working on the final scallop edge after watching a fab tutorial by Bella Coco on YouTube. With a little bit of luck, it'll be finished tonight.

The new Trolls interactive DVD is out, so we had a little bit of a Trolls party here last night. It is such a fun film with a super catchy soundtrack. Super, super, SUPER catchy! Bring home happy, Trolls is new to Blue-ray, DVD and Digital on 15 March 2017. 

Best part about this interactiveness is that the words appear through the songs, so we can all sing along without making up our own words. It's a win-win for everyone. Don't you just hate it when people sing the wrong words to songs?

Reading has been slow this last few weeks. I get through a couple of pages before sleep but not much reading time through the day (it's probably all of that crocheting I'm doing!). I managed to read Big, Little Lies by Lianne Moriarty which I absolutely enjoyed. It kept me guessing until the end. I've been watching the show on Foxtel, but I must admit that I much preferred the book. It's funny how that happens, isn't it? You have imagined a character in your mind while reading and when you see actors performing the parts, who don't look as you imagined, it's almost a little disappointing?

I read a Nicholas Sparks book which was mushy and romantic. They're always mushy and romantic, aren't they? I can't remember the title but it had a boy and a girl on the cover (narrows it down, huh?).

I'm currently reading Faithful by Alice Hoffman. My local library has a Fast Back book shelf at the sign out desk - which is a little like the confectionary at the checkout of a supermarket. Fast Back are the new books which are popular and need to be back within 2 weeks. They always capture my interest so I choose one by it's front cover or title. I know, it's a crazy way to choose a book.

What have you been crafting, watching and reading?

PS How lovely is this pink hydrangea? My mum grows the most gorgeous flowers in her garden :)

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